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We offer primary medical care, health promotion, and insurance services.

Age related degenerative problems

It is natural for bones, joints and discs to degenerate with age. Degeneration is a normal part

Rehabilitation after an injury

After an injury, be it a sports injury or a domestic injury, it is often wise to seek advice

Work related conditions

Two or three decades ago the phrase 'work related illness' was more or less unknown in the UK.

Rehabilitation after a sports injury

Sports injuries are best treated by a physiotherapist with specialist sports knowledge and have worked closely with sporting teams.

Postural and Spinal problems

Many back pains are caused by bad posture whilst sitting. 'Even though bad posture may not cause any discomfort,

Rehabilitation after an accident

The physios at Oakleigh Therapy Centre can also help if you have been involved in an accident.