Data Protection

Oakleigh Physio Company Security Policy

  • Company: Oakleigh Therapy Centre Limited
  • Registered Address: 1 Ashurst Road, Cockfosters, Herts, EN4 9LE, United Kingdom
  • Trading Address: Oakleigh Physio, 253a Oakleigh Road North, Whetstone, N20 0TX, United Kingdom
  • Type of Business: Physiotherapy Practice
  • Company Registration Number: 04519467 (Registered in England)
  • Data Protection Number: Z7142825


  • Premises to be locked outside of working hours
  • Alarm to be set outside of working hours • Alarm Key-Holder details to be kept up to date


  • PC’s to be locked when unattended
  • PC’s to automatically screen-lock (password to resume) after max 40 minutes
  • Other than staff, only specified agents of the company to be given access to the PC’s (e.g. Computer Consultant)

Data – General Rules

  • Company Data is ONLY to be used for Company Purposes
  • Company Data is NOT to be transferred to third parties who are not agents of the company
  • Should Company Data be transferred to agents of the company, it must be ensured that only pertinent data is transferred

Data on Paper

  • To be archived in the reception area or treatment rooms as appropriate
  • To be destroyed when no longer required (8 years for adult notes, up to age 25 for children or 8 years depending on age)
  • Other – to be kept secure (e.g. within locked vehicle, within Director’s premises)

Electronic Data

  • To be stored on company PC’s
  • To only be transferred to other mediums with the EXPRESS PERMISSION of the MD

Customer Data

  • Only to be stored on Company PC’s and/or written records to be securely filed
  • Only to be used for the purposes of the company.