For David

I was referred to David about 20 years ago having experienced back problems for many years due to sport injuries and deterioration of my lower discs. He has given me daily exercises which obviously help, but there are occasions when it is necessary for me to have treatment and I have found that the combination of physio and acupuncture helps enormously. David has treated other members of my family and his professional and friendly approach puts you completely at ease and would highly recommend him.

John C

David is undoubtedly the best physiotherapist that I have been to. I originally was referred to him for tennis elbow but he is now the first person I will go to if I have any issues. It's quite a marvel when David takes the time to observe your movements at the beginning of the session and can identify what the problem areas are before even getting you on to the treatment bed. David is extremely personable but more importantly, gives you a sense that he is fully capable of helping you recover. He explains clearly why the pain is occurring and also gives great guidance on how to do exercises at home to maintain the work that he's done and also to avoid coming back unnecessarily. Highly recommended!


I've seen a lot of physios over the years - Dave is far and away the best (by a mile).


I was introduced to Oakleigh Physio by a friend about a year ago and have been to see David Nesbitt on a number of occasions. I always receive very effective treatment and have peace of mind in knowing that I will always get professional care, help or advice for my back problems and Sciatica. Thank you Oakleigh Physio.


For Alison

Great for prenatal back pain and post natal core strengthening. Highly recommend.


I’ve been having physiotherapy on and off for 25 years to help me manage chronic lower back pain and sciatica. After moving back to London from Cheshire I needed to find a new Physiotherapist, and in 2010 Alison was recommended to me by both my previous Physio (Cheshire) as well as my new GP (North London) – I’ve been having physiotherapy from Alison at Oakleigh Physio ever since.

Alison has helped me enormously over the last 7 years with a combination of tailored exercises, manipulation and acupuncture – her physiotherapy has helped me manage my back-related issues and enabled me to continue in my career (consultancy: frequent travel, lots of driving & flights, not things that are usually easy/good for people with bad backs), as well as minimising the amount of prescription medication I have to take. The acupuncture is especially effective at managing/minimising the sciatica. I usually see Alison approximately every three weeks, unless I have a severe episode when I will probably see her once a week until she has helped me get through the flare-up.

Alison is definitely one of the two best physiotherapists I have ever used - and both my Pain Management Consultant & GP think she is excellent too!

I can’t recommend Alison highly enough – and when other people, on the basis of my recommendations, have had physiotherapy from Alison (& the rest of her colleagues at Oakleigh Physio) their feedback has been completely positive too.

Alex S

Oakleigh Physio was recommended to me by my GP, for treatment of degeneration of the lower back/spine. The symptoms were similar to Sciatica; treatment comprised physiotherapy, acupuncture and set exercises to do at home.

Throughout the 5 months of treatment, I felt I was in very good hands; my progress being carefully monitored and treatment adjusted as appropriate.

After recovering sufficiently, I was offered a place in the Pilates classes run by the Practice. The aim being to strengthen my back and thereby prevent a recurrence. I have found the classes enjoyable and very beneficial.

Many Thanks


For Harry

I was first referred to Oakleigh Physio by my occupation health department in 2014 after suffering from symptoms of repetitive strain injury. I had been trying to manage the symptoms with alternative therapies but with no avail and my other option, according to my GP, were cortisone injections, which I was trying to avoid. From the very first meeting with Harry, I was put at ease. His knowledge and understanding of the human body as well as my specific ailments put my weary mind at rest. He respected my limitations: working with me to develop a programme of treatment and exercises that would suit my work environment as well as my lifestyle. Due to my workload at the time, my injuries progressively became worse before any improvements were noted however; Harry was a pillar of support offering advice and pain management, often having to arrange last minute appointments. My workload hasn’t drastically reduced in 2 years but testament to Harry’s skills as a practitioner; my weekly appointments have now decreased to once every 12 weeks and best of all, I am able to continue to work in a profession I am passionate about. Thank you to Harry and the team at Oakleigh Physio for your continuous support.

Jennifer M

I have been a patient at this clinic twice in the past year for (unrelated) sports injuries, both physiotherapists I saw were informative and reassuring, giving tailored treatment to support full recovery. I received a combination of physical therapy in the clinic and strengthening exercises to perform at home along with support over the phone for any flare-ups in between appointments. Reception staff are friendly and well organised, appointment times are flexible around the working week. I highly recommend this clinic.

Gemma P

For Marina

I have been visiting Marina fortnightly for 2 years as part of ongoing management for a chronic back and neck problem and can highly recommend her. Due to her expertise my back pain is now manageable to the point where I no longer have to take pain killers and I am able to fully function normally in my physical daily activities both at home and at work.

Sarah D

I have been a patient of Marina’s now for a little more than 2 years. David Nesbitt from Oakleigh Physio originally introduced us. I have known David for at least the last 10 years. I am now well over 50 years old but have continued my running which I have been doing since I was 14. Being old and slow I find that the longer the race the better. This means lots of mileage in training. As I’ve gotten older my recovery times have been slower and inevitably I’ve had more aches and pains – which is where Marina comes in. I clocked up over 2,300km last year in training and racing and my ability to do this was due in no small measure to the support and assistance I received from Marina on average every 2 weeks. My bi – monthly session of deep tissue pain! Marina is a true professional, with an enduring interest in my wellbeing that I have rarely experienced in my long experience of sports massage and physiotherapy. With Marina’s help I have recovered more quickly and avoided injuries that would otherwise have been inevitable given my age and the mileage I am running. I totally recommend Marina and thank her for what she has done for me. I wish her continued success in the future.

Lyndon M

My name is Ricky and back in November 2014 I had a spinal fusion of L2 L3 and L4 six months after the operation I was given the all clear to start going to the gym to start rebuilding the muscles but I started to get issues with pain in my right leg so a friend of mine recommended Marina at Oakleigh Physio, she immediately found problems with my IT band and gluts, although it was painful at times her miracle hands worked wonders, I received treatment for about twelve months and with a combination of the massage and exercises she gave me I am now pain free. I highly recommend this practice, very professional and friendly.