Paul Apostolou

Since qualifying at the University of East London in 2013, Paul has worked in a number of private clinics all over London, treating various illnesses both acute and chronic in nature.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncturists treat the mind, body and spirit as the whole person, so Paul will consider whether your emotional wellbeing is contributing to your physiological manifestations, for example, regular headaches and migraines, long term insomnia, irregular periods, PMT, or IBS. The reason Paul’s treatments last one hour, is the fact that he takes a lengthy case history, discussing, past medical history, diet, sleep patterns, as well as reading your pulse and tongue, so gaining a greater knowledge about your health and designing a treatment protocol, tailor made to your needs. After many years of attending CPD’s, Paul now focuses on the much more subtle approach of Japanese Style Acupuncture, which uses very fine, high quality, stainless steel needles (one use and disposed of), which are inserted to a much more shallow level in the body when compared to Traditional style acupuncturists.

When Paul is not treating his patients, he is tinkering with his beloved classic 1968 Mercedes 220, which of late spends more time off the road then actually on it.